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Filing Lawsuit for Labor Law Violation

  • March 3, 2016
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It’s in federal and state’s laws that your employer should pay you for your working hours and overtime. These laws describe the minimum amount that an employer should pay to his/her employees. However, if you have a doubt that your employer is paying you less, you can ask the federal department of labor to provide you the justice. These departments would file a lawsuit in your stead. Nevertheless, you can file the lawsuit privately by hiring an attorney.

Here’s what you need to do if you want to sue your employer for labor law violation.

Check if There Is a Violation

  • The current minimum wage for an hour in US is $7.25. Make sure that you get this amount for each hour you work. If you are being paid less, you can file a lawsuit.
  • Keep updating a spreadsheet of your daily hours. You can use that spreadsheet to tally it with the accumulated salary you get. If you find your working hours making you eligible for more than what you are getting, contact the attorney.
  • Check to see if you are wrongly classified as ‘while collar’ worker while your job description isn’t making you one. The employers do this trick to evade paying their workers for overtime. In a white collar job, you get $455 per week and your job description lets you to work close to executives.
  • Do proper calculation of overtime work you do. Even if you are being paid for overtime work, make sure that you get exact amount what you are entitled for.
  • Consult a reputable law firm such as The Boznos Law Office to know about your rights. There are many ways your employer would be liable to pay you for your work; and there is a chance you might not know about those rules. An attorney is the right person who would give you right and complete information in this regard.


Contact Labor Department

  • Either you want to sue your employer or you want matter to be settled, you need to contact Department of Labor.
  • Make sure that you have all required details before you contact the department. These details include your name and contact info; name, address and contact information of your employer; type of work you do, and time when you get paid.
  • The department may interview you before starting investigation. Make sure that you are providing all the details you are asked for.
  • If agency finds out violation by your employer, you will be contacted by agency.



  • If department is not opting for filing a lawsuit on your behalf, you can go with the option of filing a lawsuit privately.
  • File the lawsuit, starting by submitting a complaint. Get your information printed or typed. Make sure that your complaint has all details; i.e. your name and contact info, employer name and contact info, and detailed description regarding your boss’s delinquency.
  • The lawsuit notice needs to be sent to your employer. This notice mainly includes legal document that brings liability upon your employer to appear in court.
  • Make sure that you fill form of affidavit of service.


  • Give complete details about the lawsuit and every evidence to your attorney. Follow every instruction given to you by your attorney.

Benefits of Being a Austin Notary Public

  • February 19, 2016
  • Free Man
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For those who might not know, notaries are the government servants whose job is to witness the signing of legal documents. They also oversee oaths. Different states have different requirements when it comes to the qualification of notaries. In all states, the minimum age of a notary public is 18 years and the person should be high school certified.

In some states, it is imperative for individuals to take on notary qualification exams or tests in order to become notaries. Training is also an important phase through which candidates have to go through. Moreover, different states have different conditions regarding qualification of convicts or offenders. These are very simple requirements which you can fulfill to become a notary public and earn some extra money.

What Duties Does a Notary Perform?

The normal job for any notary public is to witness the signing of documents which may include legal documents, affidavits and mortgage documents. Your job would involve a bit of behavioral and mental analysis of the signing person; i.e. making sure that he/she isn’t signing the paper under any kind of pressure, and ensuring the signing person’s complete understanding of the document. With that said, you can call off the event and report for it if signing person is showing lack of consent, or he doesn’t seem to understand the document he is signing. Moreover, your job is just to witness, and not persuading anyone to sign the document.


Employment Options for a Notary

When you are a notary, you have a lot of options for employment. One of the most common places for a notary is the law office. At a law office, signing of legal documents and other legal matters are a normal routine. Hence, a notary public would find his/her best application at law offices. Other places that employ notary services include banks, insurance companies, title companies and government offices. Some offices also hire notaries in order to offer their services to the public.


Freelance Notary Services

If you do not want to be hired by anyone, you can offer your freelance notary services. You can become a notary public austin to offer your services door to door. Being a mobile notary, you may have to offer flexibility from time perspective but it would be a huge earning opportunity for you. Moreover, you can get reasonable experience of dealing with different legal matters. It would strengthen your profile too. You will have to ensure that you are listed in mobile notary directories. That way, it would be easier for people to reach you.

The huge benefit of being a notary is that you will not have to worry even during any economic downfall. People need their legal processes to go smooth and this requirement doesn’t let the notaries to be jobless. Make sure that you are fulfilling state’s requirements. That will enhance your skills.


Important Questions and Lawyer Services

Important Questions and Lawyer Services

  • January 28, 2016
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Below are some important questions and the answers Free man  may need to know when it comes to law services.

What is the full tort and limited tort?

The full tort and limited tort don’t mean very much, but it can mean the difference between being fully compensated by the insurance after injures, or not doing so.  A full tort means you get full compensation, but the limited tort is limited to that.  Some are lifetime, but others are not, and you need to comprehend these.

Personal Injury Lawyers in South Bend Indiana .

How a Compromise Attorney Eases IRS Tax Stress?

When you owe the RIS money, it can be hard, especially since you don’t know how to pay or what to pay.  However, with a compromise attorney, there are options for taxpayers to help with the stress when they owe a lot of money, including and installment agreement.  However, there are times when there aren’t any other payment options, and these compromise attorneys will help you with this.


Why a Criminal Defense Attorney?

A criminal defense attorney is essential for some, especially wen they are facing serious charges.  For many people, this could be a surprise, or it was something that has been under investigation for a while.  Either way, criminal defense attorneys can help when the going gets tough, and your livelihood is in danger.

How do Premises Liability Lawyers Protect You?

A premise liability lawyers are important for everyday mishaps.  For example, someone might slip and fall on the property, and then you’re faced with injuries that are huge and will take a crazy amount of time to recover.  This can be hard, especially with medical bills, and if you’re off work when you recover, this can be even worse.  You will need a premises liability lawyer if you’re faced with a situation where you’re off work, not getting help, but are still suffering.


What’s the Product liability Lawyer?

A product liability lawyer is one that will help you if you have been hurt by a product that you bought.  If you used the product how you were supposed to, and if you get hurt, you can then file a lawsuit for a product liability, and that means that they can help you protect your rights while filing a claim for personal injury from an item.

(dangerous product).

What is Identify Theft?

Identity theft is a major crime that isn’t punished lightly.  This is when someone takes an identity, and that can cause a person to face thousands of dollars in fines, or even years in prison.  Theft has been easier to find, and it can be something that happens more often, so it’s best that you’re protected.


Is it legal to discriminate based off a person’s weight?

It is unlawful for a person to be discriminated based on age, disability, sex, gender, race, origin of nationality, or marital status.  There is no law however that discriminates people due to weight.


These questions give free man a good basis on some legal elements, which will hopefully help.

Highlights from the Democratic Presidential Debate 2016

Highlights from the Democratic Presidential Debate 2016

  • January 19, 2016
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The most recent democratic presidential debate is the final one before people start to vote, and it became personal as Bernie Sanders and Hilary Clinton started to barb one another when it came to gun control and healthcare.


Clinton immediately criticized sanders for voting with the NRA multiples times, and then gave off a list of the occasions when she said to the Vermont senator that sided with the gun manufacturers and the people who were for guns back in congress. She said she was glad she reversed her position on immunity after sanders backed away from a 2005 vote which would have given gun manufacturers the immunity they needed from prosecution. He then announced Saturday that he now is in favor of a vote to amend that sort of thing.

Bernie then proceeded to argue that he had a D-minus voting from the NRA and then rejected her list of changes. He says that everything she says is disingenuous. The exchange so far was very powerful, and soon it changed into a debate stage that was heated up that was just a block from a Charleston church where white supremacy went on a shooting rampage last year. The debate finished as sanders started to surge in some early polls ahead of the Iowa caucuses, and he does have a chance to beat Clinton in the Hawkeye state and in New Hampshire

In terms of healthcare, they battled on that as well. Clinton is seen as a defender of Obama’s most cherished legislative achievement, which is the Affordable Care act. She then warned that Sanders’ was proposing a Medicare for all plan before the debate, and that would upend this law and then incite a new struggle over healthcare as well. She says that she respects his intentions but then she said when it comes to healthcare, the details are what really matter. She then goes to say that Obama’s act would be the first path there for universal health care, and they’ve seen enough changes already, and that she doesn’t want to see the republicans repeal it, and she doesn’t want to continue to see a contentious debate.


Sanders then rejected her claims that the plans would get rid of Obamacare, but instead he wanted to build on the achievements Obama made, not change them. He said he isn’t working to tear this up, but instead go forward.

The polls have also been rising for sanders as well, with a new pool released on Sunday showed that Clinton was leading Sanders from 59% to 41%, but that can change with the recent polls in Iowa and New Hampshire, as many people are looking towards Sanders, and she was only up by two points in Hawkeye state. Then, a recent survey showed that Sanders was ahead by 14 points. Sanders is working to catch Clinton off balance over the swift changes in the poll numbers over the last month, and it could show that history will repeat itself. The only thing to do now is to see how the rest of the pools produce.