7 Advanced Tenant Screening Tips

In case you have been a landlord from a prolong time. You may had met many nightmare tenants. They were unpaid tenants and they could come in any shape and from everywhere. They cost hundreds of dollars in shape of property damage, legal bills and court fees.

I had been gone through this many often. I am going to share some tips with you in order to which you can identify the horror tenants. You will be able to judge these types of tenants when they handing over rental applications to you.

Some of the tips for screening of tenants that may protect you from horror nightmare.

Bad Employees Make Bad Tenants.

As a landlord you must talk to the employers of the applicants. They better know the condition of their employees. They confirm you the income, employment and leave of the employees. You can ask lots of questions from their employers and able to get all information about your new tenants. You could find all the answers in the subtlest way. Their reputation may get transparent to you. Do they complete their projects? Do they perform their tasks on time? What about their timing and schedule? Are they proactive? Are they responsible?

Debt Status of Tenant.

Many of landlords just keep eye on FICO score on the credit report. They do not even bother on the debt status of the applicant. They may be under heavy debt and would not show this while filling application or when under discussion with you. You must take information about the debt status of the tenant. You may ask their employers, their old landlord or visit the bank and check the status.

Dirty Deeds of tenants.

Some people are not up to mark. They are dirty. Some of them are abusive to the property where they use to live. If you want to know that how will they treat your property, check out their current home. It will give you a clear picture of the future of your property. You can do many of the things for visiting their current home. You pay a visit to their current home as a neighborhood. You may tell them you want to move in here. Or as a landlord you go to their home with notice and lease papers for new home. And able to decide whether you want to give them your property or not.

You may find many of your questions by visiting the applicant’s current home. You may find some clutter or mess around there but its fine. No one is perfect. If you find some holes in walls, food littering the kitchen, trash and dirty walls, damaged doors then I am sure you find your answer.

Do not Bear White Lies.

when you meet your applicant and catch any lie, do not let it go. A one lie is indicator of a new lie. So, do not bear any one lie even. People who speaks lie regarding their application they actually prove that they will deceive you in future for their self. Do not think about it. Reject application spontaneously. If you catch any lie then the ball is in your court. Take an instant decision and reject their applications.

They may claim while renting out your property that they have no pets, but if you see signs of pets around their current home when you visit. They say they earn $5,150/month from their job, but their HR department says their income is $4,500. These are the unavoidable lies.

Not every Landlord will to Lie.

The best decision is to meet the old landlord. He will give you the honest scoop about the tenant. Ask him different questions. How long they lived there? Do they pay timely? Because of this you will get clear picture of new applicant. You will be able to take best decision whether to hire him or not. Keep in mind do not meet only one landlord. Visit previous 2 or 3. One may be lie to you but everyone will lie to you.

Criminal background.

Criminal background is important to check. Do not reject them if a minor case comes up to you while investigating. Criminal check and balance is illegal nowadays countrywide. All the crimes are not same it may vary. Do proper investigation about the back ground. Crimes may be like any big fraud, murder, possession of illegal items etc.


Check their previous back ground and if the record shows eviction during last five years. Do not rent out your property to them. Eviction report is most important thing. Many of the landlords make reports in personal grudge but beware of any fake and flawed report.

You should screen all the application keenly as well as let the applicants know that every single expense while screening will be bother by them.  He will be responsible to pay all the fees regarding reports, criminal background examination and all these things. Beware of dead and fraud tenants. Find best tenants who will pay you in time and keep your interest best.