3 Ways to Make Your Home Look More Mature & Less Cluttered

If you ever think about moving some furniture around in your home to change things up, give you a new and reinvigorated perspective, or just to make things interesting, it’s truly not a bad idea to do so. But during these periods of shaking things up, you might also think about getting rid of junk and minimizing the decor around your home.

Sometimes, this means updating what you have on display and getting rid of things you once thought were “cool” to show off. As you’ve gotten older, things that once were neat probably aren’t so fitting for your home now.

As such, we’ve gathered together a few ideas for updating your home to make it more mature and less cluttered.

Remove the figurines and specific memorabilia.

I’m guilty of having a few mementos from Japan standing on my home entertainment system, but I recently decided to adorn that shelf with a stack of like-genre books. Just as well, I’ve begun doing the same in other cubby holes of my entertainment system with other mementos from trips abroad (like a wooden Dutch tulip from a Dutch-owned island in the Caribbean). By pairing these souvenirs with different stacks of books, I’ve made my book collection the focus and these small baubles the accentuating, not focal, piece.

Clean up your alcohol situation.

Having bottles of liquor in a designated place (along with tumblers, wine glasses, and mixing utensils) can be very classy. But keeping empty liquor bottles as a trophy “graveyard” is so college. Get rid of the remnants that show your guests you may be borderline alcoholic and leave only the unfinished bottles to show you’ve got class and options when guests do visit. You want your houseguests to know that you can have a good time and mix a nice drink together without letting them think you’re overboard on your nights alone.

Choose your photos wisely.

Everyone likes to have photos in their home. That’s totally fine and understandable. But if some of the photos you have up are either super outdated (you with college friends), not presented well (i.e., in a weird, juvenile, or shoddy frame), or simply out-of-focus, you should consider taking them down. Just as well, too many photos can remind someone of their grandparents’ house. While this isn’t a bad thing, it’s more of a reminder that that was a different time and era and modern, “adult” houses nowadays are a bit more simplistic and uncluttered.